Seit 1997 - Datenrettung von gelöschten, formatierten oder abgebrochenen USB-Sticks zum Festpreis!
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Cheap Data Recovery from a USB stick - since 1997!

Data Recovery from a USB stick for a flat-rate 69 EUR incl. Insured return shipping!

Abgebrochener USB-Stecker vom USB-Stick The price for a data recovery from USB flash drive will cost a flat rate 69.00 EUR incl. Insured return shipping (registered mail) within Europe. So it is completely irrelevant whether the USB drive formatted accidentally or other USB connector or is canceled.

In fixed price from EUR 69.00 Already the necessary media (CDs / DVDs) with the recovered data included. If no data recovery to be possible, the USB stick can be disposed of for free. If desired return of the shipment takes place after receipt of the shipping costs!


Short processing time of max. 48 hours!

After the arrival of the defective USB sticks data recovery occurs within 48 hours! You will be informed about the arrival of the USB drive immediately via email.

For shipments that need to be taken against person (for example, registered mail, parcels, packages), the processing by 1 day may be delayed if the program has to be picked up from the post office.


Free diagnosis!

The diagnosis of the defective USB stick is guaranteed completely free! If the USB flash drive as far damaged that a data recovery in our house is not possible and you want to return the malfunctioning USB sticks, you pay only the low return costs (s. Prices). Alternatively, the USB stick can also be mechanically destroyed and disposed of for free.


Immediate notification by e-mail

Fehlende Lötstelle am USB 3.0 - Stick Once the defective USB stick has arrived, you will receive a brief notification via email. After the free diagnosis you will receive another e-mail if and which data can be saved incl. Screenshot.


Returning the recovered data

After transfer of the full invoice amount you will immediately receive the or the disk with the saved data and the defective USB stick back! An email informing you of the return shipping. With the shipment ID, you can check when the shipment will reach you.

The postman throws the registered-mail in your mailbox and acknowledged the service itself. You do not need to be present and sign yourself!